Founder Nicole Galchutt was moving her compost out of of the kitchen one morning and noticed it was mostly banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds. Thinking there has to be another use for these items than just more compost. So she started researching and by the end of the week the kitchen turned into a lab filled with eggshell powder, dried out banana peels and coffee grounds galore.

While the eggshell experiment led to some awesome homemade cleaning supplies, the banana peels didn't heal her sons warts or whiten her teeth as much as hoped. However the coffee grounds led to months of different scrub recipes and before she knew her skin was getting softer, her mood uplifted after each shower and her kids began asking for their own blends for the tub.

This was the start of Coffee and Salt, we hope to enhance your bathing experience by uplifting your mood while soothing your skin. So take that moment whether in the shower or in the tub to focus on your well being. You deserve it.